In order for you to become a video game developer, you need to do the following:

  1. Play several video games as much as you can: By doing this, you will be able to get ideas for your own game development. Most developers get their game ideas from the ones they played previously. So, you need to develop that passion for gaming in order to be a creative and fulfilled game developer. Also, stay up to date to latest video games.
  2. Acquire knowledge: Get a degree in graphic design or programming. You won’t get too much in the developers’ world if you don’t know how to code or design. Hence, you need to acquire knowledge in computer science. You can focus on 3D modelling because most of the contemporary games are in 3D. 2D games are now things of the past. Though they still exist, but they have been displaced by 3D video games.
  3. Specialize in one area: as it has been discussed above, being a programmer or graphic designer only is not sufficient to develop a video games. There are some many group or teams that comes together to develop video games. Some are the graphic designers, programmers, audio managers, and so on. Focus on one area where you want to be an expert or professional. Is it graphics or coding? Whichever you think you will be good at.
  4. Get employed: You be an independent developer, but your skill will be more appreciated and sharpened if you find a job that relates to your skill. Look out for a company that will hire you for game developing purpose. There you will also find other developers like you and you tends to learn from them as well as share your knowledge with them.
  5. Create your own game: Yes, you heard it right. As simple as that, go ahead and create your own game. You won’t know what you’re capable of if you don’t give it a try. Create your own project and learn from your mistakes, if there be any. Start with simples ones before moving on to complex games.

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It might be surprising to know that most games on the market took several years to be completed. The success of the present game market now put more pressure on the developers than ever. It is not only the developers that plays the major roles in game development process, other disciplines also make their contributions too.

The initial stage of video game development is the brainstorming of the game ideas. The ideas are then brought to life by the programmers in the programming stage. Afterward, the video game is tested before being released to the market.

In summary, game developing process can be said to consist of four stages, viz: brainstorming the ideas, before-production, production, and after-production. For each of the development stages, there are dedicated group of individuals assigned to it.

  • Brainstorming the ideas for the video game is the first important stage in game development. The ideas can be formed by the design group and then it is given to the decision makers for any necessary changes to be made. The game idea can be gotten from a previous published game or from real like circumstances. An instance of video game that its idea was gotten from real life circumstance Road Warriors. The idea was brainstorm in a traffic jam. The final process in this stage is provision of financial support for the development of the game.
  • Once the idea brainstorming stage is conpleted, a more detailed document which is usually drafted by the chief designer is created. The chief designer with other groups has to decide if the available capital will be sufficient to complete the development of the game. If it will not be sufficient, then some modifications will have to take place in order to meet the prepared budget.
  • Once the financial issue has been settled, it is time for the programmers to set in and begin their coding. The ideas designed in the first stage will be the blueprint for the programmers and they are expected not to deviate from the stated idea unless otherwise stated.
  • The most crucial stage of any video game development is the production stage. This is where all the groups or teams come together to bring the gane to completion. This is the stage at which much money is being spent on the game. It's also the stage that requires the contribution of the experts. Every section or discipline work effortlessly in their department to ensure the success of the video game.
  • The final stage of the game development before it is being released to the stores is the testing stage. Here the testers find out the bugs in the game code, if there be any, by playing the game. If any bugs are found, they are reported to the developers and they will have to fix the bugs. The process for checking for bugs and correcting them is known as Debugging. After the first correction, the game is given to the testers again to check if there still remain any bugs in the game. This is repeated until the game is free from bugs and ready to be released to the market. This is where the function of marketers or “game marketers” cannot be neglected. In order to make sales, the game must be well publicize.


The process or discipline that relate to the creation of video games is known as video game development. A set or group of people, or an individual that engage in the development of video games are said to be Video Games Developer. These set of people are one categories of software developers. Their specialization in video games differentiate them from other software developers.

Video game developers range from an individual who engage in all the tasks to a large group of people in which responsibilities are being divided unto them according to their specialization. The group can further be subdivided into the following disciplines; programmers, graphic designers, game testers, artists, and unsurprisingly, game marketers.

Most companies that engage in video games development usually have financial and marketing support to publish their game. Game developers that sponsor themselves are regarded as Independent developers.

Video game developers do specialize in specific types of games. While some focus shooting games, some might focus on brain teasing games, while others might focus on sporting games. Some developers also specilize in translation of games from one language to another, while some focus on transfering gamr from one port to another.

Since their primary activity still based on publishing, they are often referred to as Publishers rather than developers. In short, video game developers are people who create and publish computer games, consoles games, online games, arcade games, mobile phones games and other various devices.

Development of video games can take about 3 years to finalize and it can involve groups of 200 experts. Other disciplines in video game development are network, audio manager, engine, artificial intelligence and tool chain, special effects technician, editor and producer.

Developers can be categorized as first party, second party, third party and independent developers.

  1. First party developers are part of a company that manufacture video games. A first party developers might initially be an independent developer which is later acquired by a company.
  2. Second party developer is a casual term that is commonly used by gaming enthusiass. It is also being used by the media two describe two various types of gaming studios; studio owned by an individual, and studio that is partly or fully owned by a company. Whatever game that is being published by the developers are exclusive to the company.
  3. The third party developers does not necessarily need to be part of the company that create and publish the video game. They might be responsible for the provision of accessories for the gaming consoles.
  4. Independent developers are developers that are not dependent on a single publisher. These set of developers publish their games by themselves and publicize it using the internet or humans mouth to mouth publicity. Their products are usually less recognized if the marketing is not done properly. Some independent developers are being hired by several game publisher but this is less common nowadays. Rather than acquiring independent developers, these companies are becoming internal studios.